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About Us

We are a team of Labrador lovers passionate about making the world a better place for labs by providing holistic and effective care guides as well as training content.

We’re A Lab Lovin’ Bunch!

We are a team of Labrador lovers taking the world of dog-lovers by storm, one blog post at a time.

Our Story

The business world often teaches us that enterprises begin with capital, resources, and a long-term strategy. For us, however, passion triumphed over it all!
As a group with pet Labrador retrievers, we soon realized there was only one thing that meant the world to us – our labs!
But finding essential information on how to care for and train Labradors, ensuring their health and happiness, was not easy.
Therefore, Love Lab World began as a little pup, our very own passion project, and has now transformed into a community of dog lovers across the globe, providing all the information needed on-demand.

What Do We Do?

At Love Lab World, we do what we love.
Apart from playing Fetch with our favorite canines, we post nuggets of information about caring for Labrador retrievers. The content is extensive and all-encompassing to give readers a complete guide on taking care of their labs.
Fun facts to training methods, health information to general care tips, the content is holistic and designed to empower all trying to take care of their furry friends.

Our Mission: To Leave Our Paw-Print On The World

Dogs are a man’s best friend. Therefore, it is only right that we do the best for them.
While some dog species have been extinct in the past, such as the Kuri dogs and Alpine Mastiff, we do not want our Labrador Retrievers to face the same fate.
By providing information on all-things-lab, we hope to make this world a better place for all.

Core Values We Stand By

With Love Lab World, we have set out to express our love for labs to the world.
Our set of core values ensure our path remains straight, non-divergent, and loyal – just like our pups!

We only post tried and tested content to ensure the health and happiness of Labradors.
Our team is always looking for new, fun, and creative ways to care for and train labs.
We strive to be a force for good for all – the people, animals, and planet earth.

Became A Part Of The Love Lab World Fam!

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